Things have been fairly warm and dry recently.  We did get a good shower on Sunday but many lawns were dry to start with.  Remember to water early morning and not in the evening if at all possible.  You should currently be watering approximately 30 minutes per rotor zone and 10 minutes per spray zone.  When there is no rain in the forecast you should be watering every day.  Remember these times are a general guide- some lawns may take 45 minutes per zone, some may only take 20 minutes per zone.  Adjustments need to be made based on soil type and response.

Mowing Height

With the warm summer ahead your mowing height should be between 3″ and 3.5″.  A higher mowing height will greatly reduce the amount your lawn will dry out on a warm day.  It will also help to prevent new weeds from growing as well.

Yellow Nutsedge

With the warm weather and high humidity we are starting to see some yellow nutsedge popping up on lawns.  This is a fluorescent green grass that grows up at a faster pace than the rest of your lawn.  We always control this weed on our regular applications free of charge.  See more information on this weed here:

Landscape Work

Our installation crews are still out installing beautiful landscapes.  Here are a few completed jobs in the past month:










As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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