Hello again from Kregel’s Landscape and Garden Center.

Just when we think spring is here they forecast more cold weather.  Oh well, I guess that is to be expected for March in Michigan.  We did have a few really nice days though.


We have not begun applications yet.  I do see a few other companies out already but it is really too early.  Soil temps are low and are probably going to drop even more the end of this week.  The good thing is most of the snow is gone so we are getting close.  Most of our round 1 applications will be from the end of March through April.

040cd387-a9ef-40a6-9906-a4c1e6fc282cVole Damage

Do you have little runways chewed through your grass that appeared when the snow melted?  It is Vole damage.  Basically a field mouse.  They come out of the planting beds into the grass areas under the cover of snow and can make a mess.  In extreme situations you may have to add a little soil and seed but most of the time it will repair itself.  It is VERY important to use a leaf rake to rake all the loose grass off the top right now to open the area up for new growth.  If you leave the dead grass on the top it will suffocate the roots underneath and sections of the grass will actually die.  

Thatch Layer

In making my rounds I am pleasantly surprised by how most lawns are waking up.  Usually at this time the snow is disappearing and leaving us with a matted down disaster that may need a lot of work.  This winter did not produce long lasting snow cover which in turn did not mat down the grass as we sometimes can see.  Most lawns are standing up quite nicely with minimal snow mold.  Also, the overall thatch layers seem to be at a healthy level.  Some thatch is good- up to .75″ is ok in most situations.  In extreme situations you may need to use a steel rake to pull some thatch out in areas, or even dethatch the lawn, but not very often at all.  If the thatch layer is low, let it go!

d34ff20d-1a4f-4452-8c95-34a2696f14d9New Addition

We have been busy this winter building out a new fertilizing truck for our lawn application production team. We are excited about the finished product.


Home and Garden Show

I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of our friends and customers for stopping by our booth at the show earlier this month.  It was a successful show and we really appreciate all the support from our friends and customers.  I hope it made all of you excited for spring – I know it did for me.

Landscape Work

No pictures yet:(

We just began working a few jobs and have a few loads of plant material coming in later this week. If you have a project in mind let us know, we would be happy to help. Our spring is looking pretty full and we are booking for early summer already.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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