My Turf is excited to begin a new season of fertilizing and weed control on your lawn this year. The trucks are ready to go and we took in the first 3 loads of product from one of our vendors here in West Michigan. Much more will be coming over the next few weeks.  A few weeks ago in February we thought it was going to be a real early season but now things seem to be cooling back down again.  I just checked the 8 day forecast and it sounds like Grand Rapids will get to experience some snow again early next week!  Temperatures will be at or below freezing for much of next week as well.  We have seen a few companies out treating already but have decided it is much too early.  It looks at this point as if most of our first application is going to take place from late March through early May which is pretty typical for West Michigan.

Trucks are ready to go

Product is flowing in

“I treat your turf like it’s My Turf”