Just a quick reminder on the summer temperatures coming up.  Things are warming up with temperatures projected to be in the 80’s for a few days this week.  If you haven’t started your irrigation system or begun watering yet you should do so very soon.  A few light waterings per week right now depending on your soil type should be all you need to keep things looking nice.  


Also please be sure to raise your mowing height in preparation for the warmer weather.  We recommend 3-3.5″ beginning now through the end of the summer.  Make sure to check your mowing height with a ruler.  I just met with a customer last week and we measured his grass at 2″ and his John Deere riding lawn mower was set to 3.5″.  Unfortunately most mowers have inaccurate mowing heights listed and will in turn cause you to mow much too short.  Keeping high cut turf is one of the most important things you can do to help your lawn flourish.  Please email or call 616-813-3135 if you have any questions.

“I treat your turf like it’s My Turf”