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It is nice to see the weather forecast is showing some higher temperatures are on their way.  We may have a Summer this year after all.


It looks like close to 80 and dry through the weekend.  Slight chances for rain early- middle of next week so if we get some we should be fine.  If not, lawns in lighter soils will need to begin watering.  Some clay lawns will be drying out as well.  If you did any new seeding this spring make sure to continue to water that 2-3 times per day for short cycles.


Annual Bluegrass

This time of year most grass varieties produce seed.  Some more than others.  This is a completely normal process.  Depending on the lawn, there are typically other undesirable grasses growing in with your main stand of turf.  These can be hard to control as there are no selective products for many of them.  The most common one we see right now is Annual Bluegrass, or “Poa Annua.”  It is very obvious this time of year because it produces many seeds, so much so that it can have a white or gray appearance.  These seeds can and will germinate in your lawn, which is how it spreads from lawn to lawn.  Make sure to bag your grass for the 4 week span while this grass is seeding to help remove as much seed as possible from the lawn, rather than spreading it throughout. While  Annual Bluegrass can and will grow under any conditions, we normally see it thrive in wet, compacted, or shady areas.  If you can improve drainage or watering habits in these areas in any way it will help reduce the spread of this grass.  In a few weeks the seeding will slow down and this grass will blend in much better with the rest of your lawn although it will be a bit lighter in color.  

Mowing Height

It is time to raise mowing height to 3-3.5″ as a minimum.  I know I preach this a lot but with warmer weather on the way this is one of the most important things you as a homeowner can do for your lawn.  Right now we are seeing more than half of our lawns being mowed at or below 2″ which is much too low.  A taller turf will help to prevent the lawn from drying out in hotter weather, as well as produce thicker, darker turf.  In turn, thicker turf is the best form of herbicide to prevent weeds from growing.  Also, do not trust the marking on mower decks.  90% of them are wrong!  Always use a ruler to check mowing height. 


Garden Center

All Flowering Trees are now 15% off until Memorial Day.  We have many different varieties to choose from.  The Garden Center is currently open from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday.  We will be closed on Memorial Day.

Landscape Work

A couple of our homes are nearing completion for the West Michigan Parade of Homes which begins this Friday.  With the warmer weather we are beginning our grading and seeding work as well.  Just a couple details: outcropping steps are Gray Gorge, random outcropping stone is Glacier Gray, pavers are Unilock Brussels limestone color with Series 3000 Black Granite as a inset sailor course. There is also a pic or two in there of a bubbling rock feature we just completed, as well as some pictures of the fence/pillar combo over the retaining wall completed.











As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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